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In Beethoven’s sixth Symphony, there is a moment of transition between the storm and the finale, where gentleness and light prevails.  The finale is subtitled Shepherds' song; cheerful and thankful feelings after the storm.

The following work was written for me by a young woman who is a guest and volunteer at our soup kitchen.  Receiving this work is the calm after my storm of the Christmas madness on the street.  The beauty of Skippy’s soul shines through in this document.  When being gifted with a work such as this, I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life that could possibly be more fulfilling.

Thank you so much, Skippy!

Here it is:




Would describe my book—the book of schizophrenia as I know it.  Stepping stones on to the well—step stones to the well.  As water may see it.  (the note ‘c’ on a flute)  The ocean of a ventricle journey.  A better daze or days of better views—I for one am always up for an adventure.  

Two of a kind real life can perhaps exist.  I truly believe that the real is a lie when dealing truly when really this is justifying a game of pardons, peasants and creators of false hope to something unreal.  But the reality of it all is that someone like me or some of us do want to get better and believe in hope, nurture and humanistic ways to be existent still, still I try and won’t ever give up my true life, and then furthermore the most of pain, the tears of our soul reflecting on a certain face other than ours like a personal trait or tragedy.   It is a tragic rugged range of motion to emotional abuse and felt of the sword or word of god left for ambition or perception of healing power or witchery for conquerors or conquest of faith and new world order. 

I believe we all have karma in our human ways to be of wing to fly and conquest to clear and challenge-- the tears of our ancestors believe in us.  Also claiming clean and cloak crystal like substance that can trigger an emotional disturbance or heat of the path of redemption.  Kill or be killed.  Do or die.  Efferent afferent.  Fight or flight.  The fear of being left abandoned, feeling lost and lonely without a way out of sight.  The fault of abuse of friendship the true torture of one fine friend and no one else there but ourselves.  “Family” True family is a personal goal to find in one’s own feeling of emotional persecution.  Racism.  Classification of status and state of currency income.  Life without the pursuit of happiness would not be amended so constitute would not cry out for recompense or remorse but reimbursement.  Relevance.  Reliant to the source.  Our Self persona.  Creation of a false illusion—a delusional state of mind where we know it is possible to be positively strong then worldly dishonor states the false of human rights and actions true to one self is not a delusion it is an abomination to discuss self righteousness when we or one’s self is not of a court order or marshal to express vindictive or retroactive dramatization of a crime for certain alliant reasons.  Purpose.  To become popular, famous, the start of an idolatry trait.


I as music lets me be will always play the sound of harmonious melody because it is redemption to my being of soul and soldier blood of self healing and procreating water.  It gathers my strength my inner beauty, makes myself and other happy too, but I love the nature of water gathered in it, feeding my thirst for more ocean breeze. I was going to title my book Ocean (Butterflies entered in feeling) so I called out my memorial names and all of I, my music is what helps me get through certain days and challenges the being held upon my certainty and belongings.  I love the Music, my music in ME.

The loving part of all this time is the fact of reincarnation of fleet and threats—hundreds of dollars for personal freedom, and re encountered finance, people.

lf god word and fatal attractions, all because a good man helped me and others make me happen.  My persona and character have a change in motion but I also know to appreciate and value another Human Being.  In process of nurture, nature or isolation, but not hypo creation or cremation.  I am happy of being a volunteer at Dorothy’s Kitchen and Hospitality Center—Women Alive

To Rev. Rick                                                   Skippy, Dorothy’s Place Kitchen volunteer

1/25/2011 11:42:39

If you doubt yourself, then indeed you stand on shaky ground.


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