Blog on Bodhisattva Vow coming soon - Eyes of Compassion Zen Group
I am working on an essay on the deepest meaning of the Bodhisattva Vow.  A great talk by Suzuki Roshi can be found here:

SR Bodhisattva Vow
Henry Frummer
11/24/2009 09:21:36

Great to see a picture of you in your new surroundings. Good luck with everything.

Say hi to Jacob and Alex for me.

PS Good to see you on Facebook.

2/20/2011 21:32:22

Love is a common theme of ballads; another common theme of ballads is courage.

6/20/2012 20:39:28

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Joseph Aidan

10/24/2012 08:33:35

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12/11/2015 09:00:00

Good work, man!


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