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When I got home to Salinas from teaching Zen in San Francisco the other night, my room was very cold.  My community members had gone to bed without turning on any heat.  I had a bit of work I wanted to get done before going to bed myself, and was uncomfortable, and a little grouchy.  So I turned the heat on, full blast.  It took so long to start taking off the chill that I got up and made sure I had turned the heater on properly.  I had. 

I fell asleep with the heater on, and when I awoke  in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, boy--it was warm then!

Baby is a transsexual who is almost always cheerful and sunny.  When I got to the day shelter I saw her, and she didn’t seem her usual self--she seemed a little down.  So I said, Baby, where’s that sunshine of yours, where’s your smile, what’s up?  “Oh, I’m OK, just cold.  It sure was cold last night.”

It sure was.

Baby sleeps outside in a camp, with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s family.

10/3/2010 09:44:19

Lovely.... thanks for writing this and sharing.

9/2/2012 06:09:23

THX for info


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